5 Natural Exfoliation Remedies

body_scrub-300x199Exfoliation for the uninitiated is the process of removing dead skin. A regular exfoliation routine will allow your beauty regime to have more effects and allow your skin to rejuvenate better. Exfoliation is also beneficial in that the pressure that’s applied with the exfoliating products stimulates circulation, unclogs pores and improves circulation. Most exfoliating is done using products such as loofah sponges or natural bristled bath brushes, but you probably have other products at home that can aid in exfoliating your skin. A few remedies to help your skin exfoliation have been outlined below.


Create a thick sugary syrup and apply it on your face. The syrup can be easily prepared by boiling sufficient amounts of sugar in water. The solution should then be allowed to cool and can be applied to ones face when required. The sugar syrups tendency to be sticky can be used to our advantage of pulling of the dead skin on the face.

English: Exfoliation tools used by women in 20...

English: Exfoliation tools used by women in 2011. Shown top right: plastic bath sponge, below it a brush with a pumice stone on one side and a bristle brush on the other side, on the bottom left a mud mask package, on the top left a jar of perfumed body scrub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A semi-wet solution of water and wheat dough can be used as an scrub to get rid of the dead skin on ones face. Use the sticky wheat flour dough as an scrub and repeated running of the dough on ones face a couple of time will allow most of the dead skin to stick away.


I cannot think of a better and simpler exfoliation remedy than honey. Apply this natural wonder directly to your face, leave it for a few minutes and wash away your dead skin to a more healthy and glowing face.


There are many scrub based products in the market. However I have found that the best way to use them is post a light steam to the face. The steam removes the dirt residues and opens up your skin pores allowing the scrub to easily dislodge any dead skin.


Mixing 1 tablespoon of crushed almonds with half spoon of honey, milk and tomato juice will help your create a really effective exfoliation mixture. Apply by first wetting your skin, rub the mixture in a circular fashion and wash off with water.

Hope the exfoliation work as effectively for you as they have for me. Looking forward to your comments and feedback.